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Afrique du Sud - Private Game Reserve
    Chitwa Chitwa Game Lodge
    Sabi Sands Game Reserve - 65 000 ha
    Chalet de Luxe en suite
    The Good Safari Guide

    Originally a private family retreat, Chitwa Chitwa earned its name as an affectionate ode to the aging giraffe bull who shared the lakeside home as an extended member of the Brink family. According to the owner, Charl Brink, the majestic arrival of this regal relative was always signaled by the creaking of his old joints - and still today, his watchful essence is felt presiding over the lodge.
    Much like the giraffe around which this charming tale of Chitwa Chitwa is centered, the private game lodge is magnificent and graceful in appearance, yet humble enough to evaporate into the surrounding beauty of the unspoiled bush of the Sabi Sand.
    Chitwa Chitwa's distinctive charm is translated into the detailed finishings of our accommodation. Natural colours and textures meld with the beauty of nature's paintbrush to replicate the serenity of the African bush indoors. The mood is complimented by the passionate artworks of Maria Brink, who together with her husband Charl, has created the perfect environment of refined luxury and relaxation.

    Les Points Forts
    Cultural Village Excursion
    Dixie is a small village situated close to the Gowrie Gate entrance of the Sabi Sand. Through our close associations with our neighbours and our love of the area in general, we have cultivated a unique partnership with the Dixie community in order to contribute to their general upliftment.

    Wellness Programme
    Nothing typifies the ultimate in relaxation more than one of the oldest healing arts in the world: massage. The far-reaching benefits of massage such as stimulating circulation, removing toxins and relieving the stress and tension of everyday living can be experienced at Chitwa Chitwa with our resident masseuse.

    Children Eco-Experience
    The Chitwa Children eco-experience is designed to entice our younger guests into our world whilst encouraging a love for the African bush and her many secrets as well as a greater awareness of the environment in general.